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Free_Verse_Poetry's Journal

26th November, 2012. 4:46 pm. Monster(divineinfection)

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16th November, 2012. 9:56 pm. Dream Queen(stitched_up_mew)

I kiss the glass,
And feel the cold
I tear open my heart
The ill and the weary thing
Beats weakly, with a sorrowful resonance
And inside its ill-fitting cage
Weary water and tinged red milk
Move swiftly, lapping at the shallow shores of conscience
It is there, where you are
Queen of spiders and other killing things
The Witching Hour is your domain
And as frozen, gut wrenching breaths tear from my inner sanctuary,
I struggle to see a perfect forest of trees
In splintered glass and torn up paper
And like the foolish Prince
I ask
Is it to be?
And silence echoes my reply
"Hush now. Hush!
You'll only work up that sleeping beast
And only blood will tame this beast"
So I sit, waiting
And waiting
And waiting
Hoping for a reprieve of my own devising
My mind traps me
Like so many wolves and other horrid things
I dream
Oh lord,
Do I dream
Crying skies and drops of blood
And witches brews and mashed up bugs
And little girls and full grown men
She screams, that evil queen
"You'll only make me cry!"
And to give into her would be the birthing of new light
But I refrain, I hold back
And I allow her a moments silence
To mourn the pretty princess gowns
And little tiaras made of thorns
And pink gloves of cult thoughts
Then I bid goodbye,
Like I have before
And exit through my dreaming's door
And let out the musty air
That choked my lungs and made me gag
Then I'm here again
I'm lonely and defeated and torn limb from limb
I hate, I beg
I feel myself caving in
Back to me, the Ugly Beauty
And when I wake
I will wish to dream,
And though I'm far off now,
I promise
I will return

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7th March, 2012. 11:58 am. Paper and Chalk(stitched_up_mew)

Purest white, 
Clouds gone forever gray
Thin white lines
Mark the edges of my sanity 
Ripped and torn,
Loved to death,
I propose an idea
And let it take flight
Written on torn sheets of paper
From my mind
I believe in those words
The ones I wrote so long ago 
With paper
And chalk
I let them blossom,
I let them thrive
Watered, loved and fed them
I watched them grow old
And grey
And finally die
Scraps fluttering about, 
Like ashes in the wind
They were the idle musings
Of a silly, little girl
The symbolic birth
Of her freedom of thought
And the death of the sheep
And watching the flames eat
The chalk and the paper
I feel hopeless
Surely there are things I cannot control
But by committing those simple words to memory
I can bask forever in the simple elegance left behind
Silvery dust,
And tinted college-ruled
 I feel for the words
That died on that day
And letting myself be calmed
I picture them
And it hurts no more

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1st March, 2012. 8:04 pm. The Dream(stitched_up_mew)

I found myself 

Walking along a distant road

Covered in pure, sparkling snow

Looking for something I had lost long ago

One night, in a dream I dreamt 

I stopped only to pick lovely flowers

And gather them in my arms

I felt a warmth spread into my bones

And as I gazed upon them, 

I felt oddly clean

I touched their velvety petals 

And allowed myself to cry 

I laid them softly to rest

Buried beneath that virgin snow

And I continued on

Feeling so lost and very alone

I came upon a small house

That beckoned to me

Promising me shelter and protection 

I struggled to the door

The snow now around my knees

Gathered all the strength and courage I could muster

And gave a soft knock on the door

The door opened

And I trudged in

Longing for something I knew

My breath caught in my chest 

For sitting there was you

I felt happiness sweep away the cold

And I ran to embrace you 

I whispered lightly in your ear

All things I had always wanted to say

And felt you pull me closer

An understanding passed between us

Took my words away and left me calm and assured

I knew you must of felt the same

Because of those three words you had uttered 

Tears came to my eyes 

Because I knew no longer would I walk that snowy path alone

Searching for something I thought I would never know

I found what I was searching for

I found you

I awoke 

With lovely sun caressing my face

And a smile touching my lips

I knew that it just wasn’t a dream

I knew it was all to real 

And for that I must remember to thank you

For making my dreams and my reality as one 

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12th August, 2010. 1:48 pm. Think of me(luna_bear8)

When your left standing all alone in a world so cold and cruel. When you hear the serenade of a string quartet. When you hear the lullaby of true hearts. Will you think of me? When I'm down on my knees and you can't see me, will you think of me? When your left standing alone in this cruel world come find me, come into my arms, into my heart when you've hurt your last, come find me. When your scared when your down and out, when you've strung yourself out from rolling too hard. When your standing all alone in a party, at a rave, in your classroom, at your job, in this cruel world, come find me, and I'll hold your hand. When you've been told that your lifestyle is wrong won't you think of me? How i treated you way too fairly. And now are you left standing? Isn't this life just like a cold dream? Can you still see me? Am I more to you than just a dream? You are all I have thought of all that I have pondered in the ramblings of this pretty mouth. When the loss is like a sea of despair, when the pain is like a gaping wound of what should've been But can this broken heart trully follow the stars? Your all this broken heart has wanted and yet you reject me like a passing thought. Think of me, think of the dreams that we have shared. For once I'm begging you on my knees. Let us relive the start, the times we swore we'd never part, your all I had wanted, all I wanted, all I dreamed of, all I felt so strongly in the dreams of the night. But it, but I wasn't enough, and I watched you depart. Leaving this heart saying "Please no more," Will you remember the times I held you in my arms and told you of my premonition that our passion would soon end, and that soon youd be just a memory as I paced the shower and cried. I fell asleep in your arms after we made love, now I'm asleep on my couch singing "All I wanted was you." Are you too far out there for me to find? Has life ever treated any soul fairly? Has reality? Now I'm the one thats out there being thrown to my knees. Its a crying shame that our passion is now a string symphony. A shame that our souls only united in one last time in a picture. And now Im so deep I think of my actions of every harsh word shpoken, I realize now that live giveth and taketh away so why tempt fate to take away with hate and judgemental words. If I could relive all of my starts would I remember to slow down and feel your heart? Your all I had ever wanted. When I had held your hand I had felt the hope of eternity. Shall we meet there after the pain love? Meet me there. But eternity isn't promised, happiness is not promised only the frivoulous pursuit but in the end we all die alone. Yes we all die alone. And my mind does amazing things and yet cannot muster the ability to show you my heart, to make certain you don't depart. So I'll pace my apartment a few times with my mind stuck in a cell of limited words and actions. And limited ability to make this work. But just like the struggling day moth tapping reapeatedly at your windowsill, to be free and happy, don't help my burdened soul save me now and give me a harshe start and bitter ending and when my wings stop fluttering and my eyes rest on the stars then stop and think that all my heart all my dying heart sings is "All I wanted was you."

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9th November, 2005. 2:16 pm.(ex_rshackle)

Hey everyone! I'm sorry if this kind of thing isn't allowed (and if it isn't, by all means, delete it, and I apologize) but we're in need of some new members at glasshousepoets , obviously a poetry community. We're really into discussion and feedback, and it's rare for a posted poem to go uncommented on. We have an open membership, and anyone is free to join and post. We're also currently looking for a mod, if anyone would happen to be interested in that. If you're interested, check it out!

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9th June, 2005. 5:53 am.(ex_peacock902)

lover lover love the moon
a sliver, silver crescent setting, waning
time to let go
time to clear out
nothing else matters

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28th April, 2005. 11:30 am. just a quick one(daarmey)


Will I be your Cinderella
complex and mysterious beyond what could be
Will I stun you with my beauty
like Cinderella did.
Will I be your Cinderella
and will your glass slipper fit?
Will I be everything I can be for you
and free myself from stupid
evil step-mothers like Cinderella?
Will I make you smile like
a Cinderella for you? Should I sing
songs like Cinderella did.
Will I learn to let go
like Cinderella did
Will my heart learn to give up
like Cinderella gave up?
Will you turn my rags into a beautiful gown
(or at least make me think so)
Will you let me be your Cinderella.
Will you learn to forgive the way
Cinderella forgave her stepsisters.
Will you let me be your Cinderella
I can be her if you let me
Your Cinderella

Current mood: sad.

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21st February, 2005. 3:31 pm. A quick Valentine(daarmey)

Day before Valentine's.

The day before Valentine's day
you called me. You were not yourself or
so I could tell. And you whispered
the words so quietly it was if you
didn't want the walls to hear you,
didn't want God or your own breath to
hear you. Confiding in me the day before
Valentine's day.
And then we cried - held together only by
a bad phone line and our hearts held close
in love and in friendship, the day before
Valentine's day
The day before Valentine's day.

backstory: my best friend called me the day before Valentine's day and said he wanted to kill himself. I wrote this for him, as well as for myself to help me deal with my feelings. Hope you like it.

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18th February, 2005. 10:55 pm. Your true reflection(chilangito)

Trust yourself, look in the mirror
It reflects who you are.
Not who you want to be
Or who you were.
But the actual you.
Maybe it is time you took time to consider that.
Don't hide your true self
Because in the end you'll end up hurting yourself.
It will hurt the people around you.
Believe in yourself.
Because I believe in you.
I always have.

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